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Cultural Day


Cultural Day Here at Capital English Solutions (CES Toronto), we celebrate and embrace diversity! On Thursday, May 2nd CES students took part in a special Cultural Day event. Here are four of our Intermediate A Level students paragraph reviews of the event: It was my first time getting to enjoy Cultural Day. It was so interesting. We prepared many fun things. We played games, ate other countries foods, and danced. I made a lot of friends because of Cultural Day. I think it helped me to get along with more friends. Written by: Yoon The activities of Cultural Day at CES ...

Cultural Day2020-09-28T23:57:37-04:00

My Toronto Story (Staff Edition)


My Toronto Story (Staff Edition) When I came to Toronto in 2009, I knew that I was going to have a very different and life changing experience. Before even arriving I knew that Canada was going to be awesome! I had heard the people were friendly and respectful with each other and that the city was safe and eco-friendly. When I finally arrived here I could confirm everything was true and I was just amazed. However, I quickly came to the realization that Toronto, although wonderful, can be very expensive, and that as a student I needed to save as much ...

My Toronto Story (Staff Edition)2020-09-29T00:11:09-04:00

Why we chose to study in Toronto


Why we chose to study in Toronto I chose Toronto to study English because Toronto is safe. When I applied for University I read something about Toronto’s liveability. It spoke about Toronto being safer than other countries, motivating me to do my own research about the city. I realized that in Toronto crime rates are low. For me, the most important thing is my safety; when I am walking on the street I shouldn’t feel nervous. I thought about what the best way to learn English would be, and then decided to come to Toronto. If one wants to learn English, ...

Why we chose to study in Toronto2020-09-29T00:18:27-04:00

Top 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Come to Toronto


Top 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Come to Toronto Social media is a great tool to use if you’re looking to get to know Toronto better. We made a list of the best Toronto Instagram accounts to follow to feel like a real Torontonian! 1. @BlogTO BlogTO is an Instagram blog that is Toronto’s source for local news, restaurant reviews, events listings, and the best of the city. For example, you can discover new cuisine following this account, as well as new cultures and traditions that can all be found in Toronto. 2. @mapleleafs The Toronto Maple Leafs are ...

Top 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Come to Toronto2020-09-29T00:34:31-04:00

Toronto Hotspot: Nathan Phillip Square & Ward’s Island


Toronto Hotspot: Nathan Phillip Square & Ward’s Island Nathan Phillips Square: Nathan Phillips Square is one of the best places in Toronto. You can go ice skating, try Canadian foods, or play games. Every year one of the biggest celebrations in Toronto happens at Nathan Phillips Square for New Year’s Eve. On other days, you can participate in Saturday  DJ iceskating party, or drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. There are many opportunities to take great pictures. These are all reasons why Nathan Phillips Square is not just a place to visit once, but a place you could go every day. Ward’s ...

Toronto Hotspot: Nathan Phillip Square & Ward’s Island2020-09-29T00:04:34-04:00

Planning on coming to Toronto?


Planning on coming to Toronto? Before coming to Toronto there are some important things you need to do to prepare: 1) Passport and Visa Before you do anything else you should make sure your passport is up to date and you have a visa that will allow you to move to a country. If your passport is not current you will need a new one and it can take several weeks. Keep that in mind! A problem with your visa may cause delays in your schedule! 2) Plan your budget Try to guess how much you will be spending in Toronto ...

Planning on coming to Toronto?2020-09-29T00:14:09-04:00

What else can I do when visiting Niagara Falls?


What else can I do when visiting Niagara Falls? Many students who visit Toronto love to make day/weekend trips to Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls includes three waterfalls; located between the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of New York. From largest to smallest, the three waterfalls are: the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls lies on the border of the US and Canada, and the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls are entirely on the US side. The falls are amazing and breathtaking, but there is so much more to do ...

What else can I do when visiting Niagara Falls?2020-09-29T00:08:24-04:00

Restaurant Review: Five Guys Hamburgers


Restaurant Review: Five Guys Hamburgers Today I will be reviewing my friend Dongmin’s favourite restaurant in Toronto, Five Guys Hamburgers. It is located at 329 Yonge street, close to The Eaton Centre. Five Guys is easy to find, and the restaurant has a nice interior, but it feels somewhat messy. It sells hamburgers, french fries, and some drinks. The hamburgers are very big and delicious. The french fries are pretty good too, but they are a little too salty in my opinion. Five Guy’s serves peanut-free food. You can also use the self-serve ketchup station. The service is great and the staff are kind. ...

Restaurant Review: Five Guys Hamburgers2020-09-29T00:16:33-04:00

Rules to live by when studying English in MLA


Rules to live by when studying English in MLA There are many things to keep in mind when studying English at MLA. These are a few tips about what students should and shouldn’t do. Eating at school: 1) Students should try a diet of international foods because there are a lot of students from other cultures. Try bringing something to share during the International Buffet. 2) Students have to eat in the kitchen. If you eat in the classrooms, the school will become dirty. 3) Students have to wash their own dishes and cups after eating. Friends: 1) Making friends is easier than it seems. Students ...

Rules to live by when studying English in MLA2020-09-29T00:23:40-04:00

5 Affordable Places To Go in Toronto (spending little to no money!)


Toronto is a huge city and we have many affordable places to go in Toronto after the school day without spending money. You can go to these places during all the seasons because you will see different scenes. Also all these places are close to school, so you can go on foot, by bus, or by subway. 1) Dundas Square/Toronto Eaton Centre: Located 1km from the school at the intersection of Dundas St. and Yonge St. we have Dundas Square, it is a place designated for use as a public open space and as an event venue that can accommodate events ...

5 Affordable Places To Go in Toronto (spending little to no money!)2020-09-29T00:30:19-04:00
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