Mentora Language Academy Toronto Pathways and Partnerships

We offer pathway & partnership programs designed for students who are planning to enrol in a post-secondary program (Diploma or Bachelor’s degree) at:

Requirements to Go Further in Your Education

Admission to one of our partner institutions requires the successful completion of either a specified level of our full-time general English program (usually upper-intermediate or advanced) or the College-University Preparation Course (CUPC).

The College and University Preparation Course (CUPC)

The College and University Preparation Course (CUPC) is an intensive advanced level course designed for students who are either on a pathways agreement or wish to study academic English for their own personal reasons.

Designed with feedback from Canadian colleges and universities, the course develops the skills required to succeed in college and university. Students can expect to practice their reading and listening comprehension through college-level materials, learn to speak in a variety of contexts and formats, and write various styles of texts, all while building their academic vocabulary, grammar, and critical thinking skills.

Advantages of the Program:

  • More in-depth training: The CUPC program gives students the essential academic skills students need to succeed at the college or university level. Proficiency examinations like IELTS ensure that students meet the language requirements of post-secondary institutions.
  • Presentation and conversational skills: Other pathway programs focus largely on academic writing while neglecting the speaking skills needed to present ideas or discuss topics in a seminar setting.
  • Skills colleges and universities want: Our program focuses on practical critical thinking and academic skills that set students up for success at colleges and universities.
  • Our small class sizes: classes are limited to 10 students, ensuring that each student gets ample attention from their instructor
  • Designed in partnership with Canadian colleges and universities: Our course was designed from the ground up based on feedback from several colleges and universities in Canada

Preparing for Pathways

Time and Length of Program

Our 8-week course runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 3:30 PM, including a 40-minute lunch break at 1:00 PM and 10-minute breaks spaced roughly every 50 minutes depending on class activities and timing.

The total weekly instruction time is 30 hours, not including tasks assigned for students to do at home. On average students can expect approximately 40-50 minutes of homework per night Monday – Thursday.

Entrance & Exit Requirements

Entrance into the course, regardless of purpose, requires students to have completed Level 5 of our General English program and the first two cycles of Academic Writing (8weeks) with an overall average of at least 65% in each course. Once this requirement has been met, students will be eligible to join the CUPC program when a new cycle begins.

If students wish for direct entry into CUPC, they will be required to place at Level 6, Advanced level (CEFR B2+), and will have to submit an academic writing sample in addition to our standard placement procedure.

Successful completion of CUPC requires all students to have completed all 8 weeks of the course and final examination with an overall average of at least 70%. Students who do not meet this standard will be given the option to repeat the course.

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