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Our Approach: The Active English Method

At Mentora Language School in Toronto, we recognize that learning another language successfully requires more than just a textbook and a lecture. Learn & study English in Toronto with our approach. Our goal-focused program uses a communicative approach to language learning that is facilitated by:

A dynamic, student-focused environment which:

  • Integrates diverse personal skills
  • Promotes individual participation
  • Encourages commitment to studies

A strong, personal support system which:

  • Is offered by dedicated, experienced instructors
  • Is provided by enthusiastic, helpful staff
  • Is facilitated by friendly, knowledgeable administrators

Our Mission:

We inspire our students by offering integrated academic skills classes that allow for team and independent work, exposure to relevant global topics, and practice for real-life situations.

We enrich our students by creating an inclusive environment that offers opportunities to learn about other cultures, experience Canadian life, and integrate fully in a multicultural school and city.

We educate our students by providing individual-focused courses that target the students’ language needs, skill objectives, and personal goals.

Learn & study English in Toronto with our dedicated team!

About BAU Global

The BAU Global Network consists of higher education institutions spread all over the world. This international network welcomes students from across the globe and accesses local resources in each city, state and nation to enhance the quality higher education it provides. Students and graduates of BAU Global form an academic community extending over seven countries on three continents; North America, Europe and Asia. The BAU Global network consists of 4 universities, 2 language schools and 6 satellite campuses.

BAU Global universities offer hundreds of undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programs in architecture, art, business administration, design, education, engineering, health sciences, information technology, law and medicine. By working across an international context, BAU Global Network pursues to guarantee quality and sustainable education.

Learn & Study English In Toronto through BAU Global
Learn & Study English In Toronto with BAU Global's Mentora Language Academy
Learn & Study English In Toronto through BAU Global

Chair’s Message

Thinking of the Future…

Those who do not dream cannot cultivate these dreams into future realities. The dreams you have actualized represent your strengths of character, the capacity of your imagination, and the power of your abilities. Every achievement begins with a dream, and dreams foster our motivations to excel and succeed in our lives every day.

We aim to equip students with the foreign language instruction, general cultural knowledge and opportunities to participate in social activities at the highest level. Mentora Language Academy Toronto aims to develop our students’ creative mind and ethical spirits that are needed to contribute to wisdom, compassion, and leadership in a global society.

Through rigorous English language studies, effective educators lead our students through a challenging curriculum and inspire them to take responsibility for their own learning. We are committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, and dedicate ourselves to sustaining an institute in which the faculty, staff, and students representing diverse, international cultures and experiences bring about the development of the personal knowledge, attitudes, and skills essential for lifelong learning.

Enver Yücel

Chair, Board of Trustees

Our Staff

Mentora Language Academy Toronto’s Instructor Team

All of our instructors are experienced, credentialed and care about your learning success.

Amelia was born and raised in Toronto, but is a lover of other cultures and traveling. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Carleton in Ottawa. After working in Toronto in the non-profit sector, Amelia moved to Seoul, Korea in to pursue a career in teaching. She is a recent graduate of the CELTA certification program in Berlin, and is excited to bring her knowledge of the teaching practice to the students of Mentora here in Toronto. When Amelia isn’t teaching, you can find her rocking climbing, doing yoga, or at the latest art exhibition.

After majoring in English at the University of Toronto, Ann decided to dedicate herself to a career teaching English. Though she is a young teacher, she has had much experience working with various age groups from toddlers to mature professionals. Her teaching philosophy includes plenty of laughter in the classroom because she believes students acquire language best when they are having fun.

Anton studied English, History and Philosophy at the University of Toronto. He has taught in Canada, Spain, and Brazil. He likes books, tennis, coffee, and short bios.

Chantal appreciates the opportunities teaching English offers to meet so many people from around the world. Since completing her B.A. and CELTA in 2015, she has taught in Canada, Vietnam and Thailand. As a new teacher at Mentora, she is excited to continue working in this field she loves, helping her students discover the joys of learning English in a dynamic city like Toronto.

Having taught English for 12 years and obtaining a TESL Canada certification, Clement’s focus is for his experience, knowledge and dedication to enhance the experience and goals of his students. He has taught all levels of general and specialized English programs and continues to develop in various skill-specific courses. He has a BA in Social Studies from York University and enjoys reading and traveling.

Deniz has been teaching ESL since 2009 and has taught learners of many different nationalities in the United States and her native Turkey. She has a range of teaching skills and approaches as well as a keen understanding of needs of learners with varied backgrounds. Deniz has a Master’s degree in English Translation and is currently pursuing a Master of Education at the University of Toronto. Having lived in seven different countries, she can relate well to a student’s journey towards language proficiency and provide the support and guidance they need.

Hanna’s love for teaching learners of English has been reflected in her nine years of teaching experience, both in Canada and abroad. With a BA in Sociology and an MA in Korean History, as well as a TESOL certification, Hannah believes that the learning never stops, and encourages her students to also explore new boundaries with their English education.

Born and raised in Toronto, Jonathan has taught students from all over the world and from all walks of life. After completing his CELTA certification eight years ago, Jonathan has developed an extensive teaching experience in both general and specialized programs. Today, Jonathan works with both students and teachers to create a positive and productive learning environment for everyone at MLA. When he isn’t in the classroom or his office, Jonathan spends his time watching the Toronto Raptors, and playing and testing board games.

Kate has spent many years travelling, living and working in other countries. Most recently, she taught English in a Korean middle school before returning to Toronto to teach English as a Second Language. She has a B.A. in Radio and Television Arts and an M.A. in International Relations. Kate enjoys teaching students from around the world and exchanging opinions, stories, and ideas.

Sara is a passionate ESL teacher committed towards enhancing the standards of English language teaching and learning across academia. She believes that every student walks into the classroom with a unique set of talents and it takes a perceptive teacher to tap into their potential and extract the most out of their abilities. Having obtained an MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, followed by a CELTA, Sara is continually focused towards growing as an ESL teacher and creating an effective learning culture amongst her classrooms. She has taught international students from a wide set of cultural backgrounds and considers it one of the most exciting parts of her job!

Serene would like to be a part of a world where everyone can communicate effectively in one language, but that would mean that she would lose out on opportunities to do what she does best – teaching! As a teacher with eight years of experience in Canada and abroad, she has garnered a reputation for being an approachable, knowledgeable and lovable teacher. She has a passion for thesis statements and will not rest until passive sentences can be understood and written by everyone. And yes, she loves to laugh!

Valery has a B.A. in English and German linguistics, and a post-graduate diploma in TESOL from Oxford Brookes, U.K. She has attended a range of TESOL conferences as both participant and presenter, across North America, and continually attempts to improve her teaching with the latest methodologies. She has been teaching ESL for over a decade in Canada and throughout Europe. Valery has taught a variety of age groups – her youngest student was 2 years old, and her oldest was 75! She enjoys a challenge, and treats every student with patience and respect, regardless of level or ability. She likes adding humour to her classes, and was voted “secret comedian” by her students at CMLA She enjoys travelling, learning new languages, cooking, and Zumba. 

Mentora Language Academy Toronto’s Administrative Team

When you study at Mentora Language Academy Toronto, you are in good hands! The administrative team is here for you to support your learning journey and answer any questions that you have.

Overseeing all aspects of Mentora and the delivery of our premium English training programs, Emrah works hard to bring together students, teachers, and admin from different cultures in their shared love of the English language. Emrah graduated from York University, and has 10 years of experience in teaching and education management in both domestic and international markets. Fluent in English and Turkish, Emrah learnt his third language, Japanese while living in Japan. In his spare time, Emrah is a musician who enjoys Hawaiian pizza and hiking with his dogs.

Born in Brazil, Flavia moved to Toronto in 2009 to pursue a Canadian education and fell in love with the city. Her role at MLA, as a Marketing Coordinator for Latin America, gives her the opportunity to meet and connect with students that come to study English. Flavia loves to share with MLA students what she knows about Toronto, cool places to visit, festivals to go to nice restaurants, and of course tips on how to have a better living experience while in Toronto.

Born and raised in China, Julie got a Bachelor Degree in Language and literature. Came to Canada in 2012 and got an MBA degree at Brock University in 2015. Mainly focus on the registration of students through issuing invoices and managing payment schedule. If you have any payment questions, feel free to come to accounting and Julie is always glad to help.

Laura started her career in the culinary arts, learning the way to people’s hearts was through a soft baked chocolate chip cookie. While making people happy with her culinary skills, Laura decided she wanted to find other opportunities to help those around her. Entering the field of education, she has learned that education is the best gift you can provide to anyone. At MLA, Laura strives to create a welcoming environment for all students and staff at all times. If she’s not assisting students at school, she’s hanging out with her cat, Nyla, making delicious food or experimenting with her latest craft idea.

Manuel is a results-oriented and self- driven marketing and communications professional. He possesses 6+ years of experience in digital marketing, social media, and corporate accounts management. He builds strong client relations and identifies key growth and communication opportunities. He is known as a versatile contributor with excellent interpersonal skills, team player, analytical, multi-tasking, creative problem-solver and adaptable. Manuel is very passionate about mountain biking, snowboarding, food, and movies!

Graduating in Journalism in Brazil, Martha came to Toronto in 2006 to study Film at the Toronto Film School. Since 2014 she has been working at MLA Toronto implementing student and agent recruitment marketing strategies as well as building the school’s brand online and around the world. She loves meeting and helping people, so when she has free time, you can see her playing board games with students at lunchtime.

Proud of our city, our country and our school, Tai cares about sharing the best of all three with MLA students. Since graduating from the University of Guelph, Tai has been working with International students locally and abroad. Responsible for the planning and organization of student events and activities, she works hard to ensure that MLA feels like a community; welcoming, supportive and fun! When not at work, you can catch Tai out salsa dancing, enjoying the Canadian outdoors, or finding some sort of creative outlet.

Woosung graduated from Centennial College majoring in Hospitality Tourism. He has been working in the international student education field since 2010 and has been with MLA since 2014. He is aware of what students want and need based on his 9 years of experience dealing with students. Woosung is a person who likes to provide useful information to students and enjoys taking good care of them

As the Japanese counsellor at MLA, she provides support and advice to students; assisting them in achieving their language goals, meeting higher education requirements and setting career objectives. She counsels students to ease the transition of moving to Toronto and educates them on the possible cultural differences. She addresses and resolves any student concerns, complaints and requests, and truly cares about her students well being.

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