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Pricing & Registration
Pricing & Registration at Mentora
Pricing & Registration with Mentora Language Academy

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Below is the listing of prices for ESL courses in Toronto at Mentora Language Academy.


Full Time: 20 Hours

CAD$ 150 Registration Fee
CAD$ 1320 – 4 weeks
CAD$ 2640 – 8 weeks
CAD$ 3840 – 12 weeks
CAD$ 5120 – 16 weeks
CAD$ 7440 – 24 weeks

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NEW: Virtual Lessons

Monday to Friday
9 am to 12:50 pm (EST)
Classes: $75 per week
Book Fee: $10 per week

One-time & Non-refundable Registration Fee: $100

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Homestays and Residence:

Homestay Prices

  • Homestay Placement Fee – CAD$ 230
  • Single and Half-board (2 meals) – CAD$ 240 per week
  • Single and Full-board (3 meals) – CAD$ 265 per week – Mandatory for Underage
  • Roomstay (No meal included) – CAD$ 190 (Limited Availability)
  • Underage Fee (every 4 weeks) – CAD$ 75
  • Courier Service – According to geographic location

Additional Fees

  • Registration Fee (One-time & Non-refundable) – CAD$ 150
  • Book Fee (Every 8 weeks) – CAD$ 70
  • Health Insurance – CAD$ 3 per day (Min. 15 days required)
  • CES Custodianship Letter (Under 18 years old) – CAD$ 150
  • Aiport Services –  Pick-Up CAD$ 110 / Drop-off CAD$ 110
  • CUPC Book individual purchase – CAD$ 100

Payment Methods

Ready to make a payment? For detailed information, please contact our accounting deparment:

MLA Toronto accepts all major forms of payment including credit card, check, bank transfer. We also use CohortGo for international payments.

Get in touch for details!


Refund and Cancellation Policy:

You are entitled to receive a full refund of the tuition fees, except the non-refundable registration fee of $150, and if applicable, the $220 accommodation registration fee if you are unable to obtain lawful entry to Canada for the purpose of studying at Mentora Language Academy Toronto (MLAT). To be issued a refund, you must provide documentation from the Canadian Embassy stating that your visa to enter Canada was denied. Students applying through an agent must contact the agent directly for a refund. All students who have been denied a Study Permit or Visitor Visa from the Canadian Embassy must return their original Letter of Acceptance and supporting documents issued by the MLAT office. Refunds are issued with minimum of 30 days after the request is approved.

Up to 28 days before program begins 90% of tuition is refund
Up 10 days before program begins 75% of tuition is refund
Up to 10% of course completed 50% of tuition is refund
Up to 25% of course completed 30% of tuition is refund
Up to 49% of course completed 10% of tuition is refund
50% and up of course completed NO REFUND

Students requesting to cancel their program must submit a letter in writing to Mentora Language Academy Toronto office, by e-mail. Other non-refundable fees include the $150 registration fee, the $220 homestay placement fee, and if applicable, the $150 Custodianship letter fee and any associated fees with the medical insurance students purchase through Mentora Language Academy Toronto is non-refundable after coverage begins. In addition, there is a $250 cancellation processing fee for students who want to do any type of refund.

Payment for School fees and Homestay and/or Shared Accommodation must be made at least 4 weeks prior to the student’s arrival date, to guarantee placement. Payment confirmation, Visa Status confirmation and fight details must be submitted in order to receive placement confirmation. If this information is submitted less than 4 weeks prior to a student’s start date, there is no guarantee of placement. Program / Registration Change: Except for cases of visa denials or delays, any program and/or registration change request made after the invoice has been issued is subject to a $25CAD administration fee (applied to the new invoice to be provided). Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

*USD fees are calculated based on exchange rates on the day when the invoice is written. No changes in rate fluctuations will be considered for payment.

Administration Information

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Visa Information

Mentora Language Academy Toronto invites students from countries throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Students who wish to study in Ontario for over 6-months must apply for a permit to the Government of Canada, through the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Some countries may require you to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa.

Permit applications must be filled out and sent to Citizenship and Immigration Canada AFTER tuition fees are paid and the student has received their official letter of acceptance from Capital English Solutions.

Useful Links

  • How to Apply
  • Study Permit Application
  • Temporary Resident Visa application

For more information on the Visa process, you can contact our school or visit the Immigration Canada website.