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Our Campus

Once you step foot on our campus, you will see a modern, bright space that is conducive for learning. Our classroom sizes are small, allowing students to focus and to get more individual attention with our instructors. Take English lessons with Mentora, and experience a positive environment in the heart of Toronto!

Social Activities

Make new friends when you arrive at Mentora Language Academy through our fun social activities! Take English lessons with Mentora and our Social Activities Coordinator organizes after-school activities after ESL lessons, allowing students to participate in new experiences which are culturally enriching. Many of the activities provide each student with an opportunity to be a part of the Toronto or Canadian culture.  

Each month a new calendar is created, including optional weekend activities and events. Our Social Activities Coordinator carefully plans and chooses activities and events each month, catering to diverse interests.

Students can pick and choose which activities to attend or participate in. Some activities have an associated reasonable fee, but most of them are FREE!

All students are highly recommended to participate, as they will be able to practice their communication skills that they have developed and also enjoy a fun, new experience.

Students looking for an adventure outside of Toronto can also purchase day or weekend trips to French Canada, Niagara Falls, New York City, Chicago and more with the help of our coordinator using our international student trip provider, ISX.

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We love our Alumni!

Once you are finished studying with Mentora Language Academy, it doesn’t have to stop there. We love to stay in touch with our Alumni! Many of our graduates have gone on and applied their English in meaningful ways in their careers, their personal connections and within their community.

Are you an alumnus of Mentora Language Academy (formerly CES Toronto)? We want to hear from you – Visit our Alumni Page!



Come to Toronto, an Exciting, Multicultural City in Canada!

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, and is waiting for you to explore!

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Looking for a language school in Toronto? Ranked as one of the safest cities in North America, Toronto is a city in which people can feel at home and comfortable. It is consistently voted one of the best places to live and visit.

This is due largely to the way people in Toronto celebrate and embrace diversity. It is a distinctive world-class city that celebrates a love and respect for the many cultures that thrive here. Take English lessons with Mentora, and you will experience life in a safe city. 

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Cost of Living

With an abundance of great city attractions, stunning architecture, delightful restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, Toronto has a lot to offer visitors on any budget!

There are also many exciting activities and experiences to be had for free. You can find many cheap essentials at the convenience store located in the basement of our building, and more affordable grocery shopping options are readily available throughout the city.

There are also a wide-range of luxury experiences available in our several world-class shopping districts.

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From Little India and Little Italy, to Chinatown, Greektown, and Koreatown, each of our cultural communities offers a delightful taste of their cultures through shops, restaurants, cultural centers, and seasonal festivals.

Toronto’s reputation as one of the most multicultural cities in the world is well-earned, and the culturally diverse environment makes this a fascinating place to live and study!

Take English lessons in the heart of downtown Toronto!


Getting around Toronto is simple! There are a lot of options available when exploring the city.

With both bus and subway stops just steps from MLA, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) makes it easy to explore the city’s rich variety of neighbourhoods and attractions.

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