Toronto Hotspot: Nathan Phillip Square & Ward’s Island

Toronto Hotspot: Nathan Phillip Square & Ward’s Island

Nathan Phillips Square:

Nathan Phillips Square is one of the best places in Toronto. You can go ice skating, try Canadian foods, or play games. Every year one of the biggest celebrations in Toronto happens at Nathan Phillips Square for New Year’s Eve. On other days, you can participate in Saturday  DJ iceskating party, or drink hot chocolate with marshmallows. There are many opportunities to take great pictures. These are all reasons why Nathan Phillips Square is not just a place to visit once, but a place you could go every day.

Ward’s Island:

Another great attraction in Toronto is Ward’s Island which has the best beach the city has to offer. On the North of the island there is a great view of the city skyline. On the south, it has a great view of the horizon. Ward’s Island has excellent nature, you can have a camp fire there or talk with your friends while walking on the beah. Everyone should try and visit Ward’s Island.

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