Top 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Come to Toronto

Top 7 Instagram Accounts to Follow When You Come to Toronto

Social media is a great tool to use if you’re looking to get to know Toronto better. We made a list of the best Toronto Instagram accounts to follow to feel like a real Torontonian!

1. @BlogTO

BlogTO is an Instagram blog that is Toronto’s source for local news, restaurant reviews, events listings, and the best of the city. For example, you can discover new cuisine following this account, as well as new cultures and traditions that can all be found in Toronto.

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2. @mapleleafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs are Toronto’s professional ice hockey team. You can find some good hockey pictures, as well as the team’s scores, on this account. If you are not familiar with ice hockey, you should follow this page to learn more.

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3. @NightLifeToronto

If you are new in Toronto this account is very useful because you can see lots of nightclubs and other place to go on the weekend. You can follow lots of events on this account, and potentially make new friends at some of the events.

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4. @Rebeltoronto

Rebel is the most popular nightclub in Toronto, and on their Instagram page you can follow events, parties, etc. You can also message the account and ask questions about cover, or to make reservations or get on the guest list.

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5. @Torontofood

When students come to Toronto, it can be difficult because they can’t find good restaurants. This account is helpful because it shows some new restaurants you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

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6. @Torontorealtyblog

If you want to rent or buy a house in Toronto, this account is for you. You can find every kind of home. The account has 1178 followers and many positive comments.

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7. @Torontorealtyblog

If you love taking photos, you must follow this account. It has many pictures of the city, and can give you inspiration about where to visit. For example, there’s a great picture of Nathan Philip’s Square, and it is definitely an important place to visit when you’re in Toronto.

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Written by: Tan, Dogu, Cem, and Gurol (Intermediate B Speaking)

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