Cultural Day

Cultural Day

Here at Capital English Solutions (CES Toronto), we celebrate and embrace diversity! On Thursday, May 2nd CES students took part in a special Cultural Day event. Here are four of our Intermediate A Level students paragraph reviews of the event:

It was my first time getting to enjoy Cultural Day. It was so interesting. We prepared many fun things. We played games, ate other countries foods, and danced. I made a lot of friends because of Cultural Day. I think it helped me to get along with more friends.

Written by: Yoon

The activities of Cultural Day at CES are fun. One country is set for each class, and all students prepare various things according to their classmates’ ideas and country. We decorated our classroom, prepared food, and shared culture with other classes. It is a good activity for mingling with other classmates. Let’s all come to CES and enjoy Cultural Day together.

Written by: Hanwool















Today we had a very interesting and very nice day at school. All classes worked on the countries given to them. My class introduced the culture of Japan. We played a game called Kamizumo and the loser had to eat spicy sushi. It was really fun. Then everyone toured the other classes and looked at the traditional elements of each class. To sum it all up, we spent two really enjoyable and special hours.

Written by: Huseyin


There was Cultural Day at my school. We prepared a presentation about Thailand. I researched about sports in Thailand and learned some new things, such as Muay Thai. It was interesting to me. I introduced sports in Thailand with a friend in my group. I think Cultural Day should be every month because you can learn some information about another country.

Written by: Can

Do you want to be part of our next cultural day? It’s easy! Email us at to begin your registration process.

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