Why we chose to study in Toronto

Why we chose to study in Toronto

I chose Toronto to study English because Toronto is safe. When I applied for University I read something about Toronto’s liveability. It spoke about Toronto being safer than other countries, motivating me to do my own research about the city. I realized that in Toronto crime rates are low. For me, the most important thing is my safety; when I am walking on the street I shouldn’t feel nervous.

I thought about what the best way to learn English would be, and then decided to come to Toronto. If one wants to learn English, I think the best way to do that is to go to a country that speaks that language. You will have a lots of time to practice in situations such as on the streets, at restaurants, in school etc. Everywhere you go you can develop and improve your language by talking with other people.

In Toronto, the education system is very good; it is logical and useful for students. It can help yu create your future and help you learn what to do in your life. This system gives a lot of opportunities to become a professional in your field of work. They focus in on what is most important to learn.

In brief, we have 3 reasons to study in Toronto. The safety, which is the most important reason. The Education system is more logical than the education system in our country, allowing us to find our personal strengths and abilities. Finally, if you are wanting to learn a language like English, learning in a country that speaks that language is important.

Written by: Zeynep & Elif

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