Rules to live by when studying English in MLA

Rules to live by when studying English in MLA

There are many things to keep in mind when studying English at MLA. These are a few tips about what students should and shouldn’t do.

Eating at school:

1) Students should try a diet of international foods because there are a lot of students from other cultures. Try bringing something to share during the International Buffet.

2) Students have to eat in the kitchen. If you eat in the classrooms, the school will become dirty.

3) Students have to wash their own dishes and cups after eating.


1) Making friends is easier than it seems. Students should try to make friends during school events because it’s a good opportunity to start new relationships with other students.

2) School activities are fun! Students should participate in the events to socialize with people from other countries.

3) Being in a foreign country can sometimes be hard and lonely, students should speak to friends, because if you are alone, you will be sad.

4) Lastly, students shouldn’t waste money on expensive events because Tai(our Student Life Coordinator) sells cheaper tickets and plans inexpensive events!


1) Students should bring various types of clothes because the weather is not consistent – it might rain one day and be hot the next!

2) In the winter it snows a lot. You don’t have to come to school if there is a blizzard!

3) Students should buy a jacket in October because it is often cheaper at that time.


1) Students should pay attention in class because there is a test every Friday!

2) Students should only speak English in Mentora; it will help with pronunciation and fluency.

3) Students should do their homework everyday because it will help you learn English faster!


1) The TTC is the best way to get around the city. Students should buy a metro pass so you can go to different places easily.

2) Students should buy a Metropass from the school since there is a discount.

Written by:   The Elementary B. Speaking Class

Camilla, Doyeon, Jonny, JungYup, and Aline

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