If You Are Denied a Visa

You are entitled to receive a full refund of the tuition fees, except the non-refundable registration fee of $150, and if applicable, the $220 accommodation registration fee if you are unable to obtain lawful entry to Canada for the purpose of studying at Mentora Language Academy Toronto (MLAT). To be issued a refund, you must provide documentation from the Canadian Embassy stating that your visa to enter Canada was denied. Students applying through an agent must contact the agent directly for a refund. All students who have been denied a Study Permit or Visitor Visa from the Canadian Embassy must return their original Letter of Acceptance and supporting documents issued by the MLAT office. Refunds are issued with minimum of 30 days after the request is approved.

Refund Policy – Language Programs

Up to 28 days before program begins 90% of tuition is refund
Up 10 days before program begins 75% of tuition is refund
Up to 10% of course completed 50% of tuition is refund
Up to 25% of course completed 30% of tuition is refund
Up to 49% of course completed 10% of tuition is refund
50% and up of course completed NO REFUND

Refund Policy – Accommodation and Homestay

Students requesting to cancel their program must submit a letter in writing to Mentora Language Academy Toronto office, by e-mail. Other non-refundable fees include the $150 registration fee, the $220 homestay placement fee, and if applicable, the $150 Custodianship letter fee and any associated fees with the medical insurance students purchase through Mentora Language Academy Toronto is non-refundable after coverage begins. In addition, there is a $250 cancellation processing fee for students who want to do any type of refund.

Change to Alternative Learning Format – COVID-19

Mentora Language Academy is committed to bringing students quality learning experiences, maintaining a high level of academic infrastructure and providing the expert instructors that students have come to expect from us. In order to support this commitment, tuition fees will not change in the circumstance where we are obligated to deliver our programs in one or more alternative formats as a result of events which are beyond our reasonable control, such as- acts of war, terrorism, pandemics, illnesses, viruses, epidemics, governmental mandates, regulations, labour shortages/strikes, or other factors affecting our ability to provide safe instruction to our student population on campus. The decision to move to an alternative learning format for everyone as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic was carefully considered and done in the interest of the student and public safety and to comply with our legal obligations.

In the result, the way in which education is delivered in the short term has been affected, but it does not affect the standard to which that education is held or the quality of the certification you will receive on program completion.

Furthermore, the transition to remote delivery does not change the amount we will invest in order to ensure academic integrity and quality for our students.

Mentora Language Academy would like to thank you for your patience during these extraordinary times, and we look forward to welcoming your return to the campus as soon as possible after public health advises it is safe to do so.