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Mentora Language Academy offers a range of services & accommodations to ensure you are settled in and comfortable in your new home away from home! We will help you find accommodation downtown near the school through our residences and homestays, arrange for airport pickup and dropoff, health insurance, and we plan tons of fun social activities so you make friends right away!

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We understand where you will be living in Toronto is an important decision. We offer two accommodation options for our international students: Homestay and Shared Accommodation. We have dedicated staff and accommodation partners ready to help you find the right home for you during your stay in Canada.


A homestay is the time spent abroad staying in the home of a local family. Our Homestay program is the most ideal way to truly get immersed in Canadian culture. 

Our devoted homestay partners work with each student’s application to find the right fit ensuring that each student feels comfortable with their living arrangements at all times. 

The families chosen for each student are carefully selected to meet the needs of international students. Each homestay family is usually within a 60-minutes or less travel distance from the school, and located in an easily accessible neighbourhood. 

Students opting for the homestay option stay in a single room. Along with their room, students may choose between a half-board (2 meals per day) or full-board (3 meals per day).


Our residences-option is great for students who are looking to be more independent. This living arrangement allows you to live with international students providing a truly unique experience. 

Apartments are located at Yonge and Wellesley, in the heart of Toronto. All amenities and shopping convenience are within walking distance, and 2-minutes walking distance from the subway and the school.

Our residence suites are fully furnished and include amenities such as cable TV, Wifi, and kitchen utilities. Each of our apartment units has two bedrooms, with two single beds in each room. 

You will share your room with one other student of the same gender, and share the bathroom, kitchen and living area with all your housemates.

*Our apartments are all gender-based, we do not offer co-ed.

Airport Transfer

For students who would like to be picked up upon arrival and driven to their residence and/or and dropped off at the airport when leaving Toronto. Students must let their agency or coordinators know their flight and accommodation details at least 7 days prior to arrival.

Airport pick-up includes pick-up from Toronto Pearson International airport* to your accommodation address.

Airport drop-off includes a pick-up from the student’s home address and a drop-off to Toronto Pearson International airport.*

The cost for either pick up or drop off is $110.00 CAD each. 

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Social Activities

Make new friends when you arrive at Mentora Language Academy through our fun social activities! Our Social Activities Coordinator organizes after-school activities after ESL lessons, allowing students to participate in new experiences which are culturally enriching. Many of the activities provide each student with an opportunity to be a part of the Toronto or Canadian culture.  

Each month a new calendar is created, including optional weekend activities and events. Our Social Activities Coordinator carefully plans and chooses activities and events each month, catering to diverse interests.

Students can pick and choose which activities to attend or participate in. Some activities have an associated reasonable fee, but most of them are FREE!

All students are highly recommended to participate, as they will be able to practice their communication skills that they have developed and also enjoy a fun, new experience.

Students looking for an adventure outside of Toronto can also purchase day or weekend trips to French Canada, Niagara Falls, New York City, Chicago and more with the help of our coordinator using our international student trip provider, ISX.

Visit our blog for more information about activities!

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Health Insurance

We require all our enrolled students to have health insurance during their study period. Students can arrange their health insurance on their own prior to their arrival and provide their health information documents on their first day of school, or students may also request for the school to purchase health insurance on their behalf for their study period.

Age Group Daily Rate Weekly Rate (7 Days)
0-25 $3.00 $21.00
26-34 $3.00 $21.00
35-39 $3.00 $21.00
40-54 $3.00 $21.00

For students who do not purchase health insurance on their own, or through the school, they must sign an insurance liability waiver form once they arrive.

Custodianship Letters for Minors

For our Junior ESL program, most of our students come to Canada without their parents. Students under the age of 18 years is considered a minor and must have a legal custodian (guardian). The legal custodian acts as the primary contact between the school and family, and is responsible for the student’s well-being while living in Toronto.

The legal custodian must be a Canadian Citizen residing in Toronto. For students who will be living with a relative in Toronto, the relative can be the legal custodian. If a student coming to Canada does not have a relative, our Junior Program Coordinator can act as the legal custodian. If students / families require this service, our coordinator will sign and submit a custodianship agreement (notarized) between himself/herself and the student’s family.

The cost of a custodianship letter: $150.00 CAD

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