5 Affordable Places To Go in Toronto (spending little to no money!)

Toronto is a huge city and we have many affordable places to go in Toronto after the school day without spending money. You can go to these places during all the seasons because you will see different scenes. Also all these places are close to school, so you can go on foot, by bus, or by subway.

1) Dundas Square/Toronto Eaton Centre:

Located 1km from the school at the intersection of Dundas St. and Yonge St. we have Dundas Square, it is a place designated for use as a public open space and as an event venue that can accommodate events of various sizes. There you can see community celebrations, theatrical events, concerts, receptions, and promotions. Some steps from Dundas Square you’ll be at Toronto Eaton Centre, it is a huge shopping mall and you can buy or eat something.


2) Nathan Philips Square:

Located 1.6km from the school, Nathan Philips Square receives over 1.5 million visitors every year. It’s a very central area and famous because there people usually take pictures in front of the Toronto sign. Also during the winter, you can go there to ice skate on the ring.

2701c5_90568dd33646498baa5723b385708574_mv23) Queen’s Park:

Located 1.1 km from the school, there is Queen’s Park. This green area was named with the present name in 1860, in honor of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. The Ontario Legislative Assembly building is located within the park, having been founded in 1892. It is a beautiful place to take some pictures or for walking.

4) The Harbour Front:

Located 3.3 km from the school The Harbour Front is a beautiful place in front of the lake. It is a good place to walk during the summer or ice skate during the winter. Also you can take beautiful pictures there.

5) Sugar Beach:

Located 3.1 km from the school Sugar Beach is a good place to sit and relax but be careful! In Toronto you are not allowed to drink alcohol in public areas, so just sit and take a sunbath there!

 Written by: Paola Ortiz
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